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“When will mankind be convinced and agree to settle their difficulties by arbitration?” 
- Benjamin Franklin



"Everything is conditional - you just can't always anticipate the conditions..."
- G. House


Civil Mediation and Arbitration

Technically, if an issue is not a criminal matter then it's a civil matter.  This particular catagory of mediation incompasses everything  from consumer/merchant disputes to malpractice; from breach-of-contract to unfair business practices.

The ADR methods of mediation and conciliation are especially successful for resolving these matters.  Mediation when the parties come together to address the issues; conciliation when the parties prefer to negotiate a resolution separately.

Both are often used to good effect; sometimes coupled with arbitration in a process called 'mediation/arbitration'.  The process begins as a standard mediation, but if mediation fails, the mediator becomes an arbiter.

This process is more appropriate in civil matters where rules of evidence or jurisdiction are not in dispute.





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