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“Unmanaged conflict is the largest reducible cost in organizations today, and the least recognized."
Dr. Daniel Dana



"A distracted person makes for a distracted worker..."



"Consensus means that people comprehend the final decision, have committed themselves to executing the chosen course of action, feel a sense of collective ownership about the plan, and are willing to cooperate with others during the implementation effort.”
 - Michael Roberto

Workplace Mediation

Internal conflicts can be detrimental to your company morale and business results.  Unmanaged conflict is the least recognized yet, the largest reducible cost in organizations today.  Having the skills to resolve internal conflicts effectively is one of the biggest challenges in today’s business world and is vital to success. (see Workplace Conflict Statistics)

DRS provides you practical strategies in resolving interpersonal and interdependent conflict in the workplace, and helps to change attitudes and behavior which will minimize reoccuring conflict; more importantly to the business, its cost.

Workplace mediation is the cost-efficient option of intervention that results in a positive resolution for all involved.  It creates a "win-win" solution that resolves issues and transforms the continued working relationship from troubled and disruptive to successful and productive.

Targeted mediation prevents escalation and allows everyone to move forward quickly without continued focus on the disruptive dispute.  An experienced mediator facilitates a resolution to the dispute where all parties are in agreement with the conclusion, and thus more likely to adhere to the agreements reached. 

What do you suppose are the effects of non-intervention...?

(See Organizational Health and Workplace and Organizational Training Seminars.)




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