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Managing Differences and Workplace Conflict training seminars

Learn to Build Better Relationships at Work and Home

"Organizations experience reduced costs, increased profits and better teamwork when conflict management skills are present in the workplace."

Conflict happens everyday of our lives so we shouldn't be surprised when it happens in the workplace.  After all, this is where we experience the greatest range of differences.  Differences in our personalities -our self-interests - our backgrounds - and our communication styles.

Unmanaged conflict is the least recognized yet, largest reducible cost in business today.  The cost of conflict to employers can be determined, and we can provide you with the tools to appropriately manage and calculate them.

Chronic unresolved conflicts cause needless emotional pain and wastefully drain individual vitality and organization resources.

Learning this "essential life skill" will give you the confidence to transform conflict into cooperation and mistrust into trust.



"The world needs a simple, practical peacemaking tool for everyday life."

                       - Dr. Daniel Dana


“Discourage litigation.  Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can.  Point out to them how the nominal winner is often the real loser – in fees, expenses and waste of time.  Never stir up litigation.  A worse man can scarcely be found than one who does this.”  
                      - A
braham Lincoln


Welcome to DRS of Kansas

If we can agree that it is far better to seek resolution to conflict in a intelligent and civil manner, then we also must realize that occasionally we could use some help dealing with it.  However, spending a fortune on legal fees or going to court is not very appealing - or even appropriate most of the time.

DRS was developed to help both individuals and organizations resolve problems resulting from conflict or a dispute before relationships are irreversibly damaged, or a threat of legal action is pursued.  Our objective is straightforward:

“To offer an alternative choice for resolving conflict and disputes in order to affect their peaceful, efficient and enduring resolution; and to provide learning programs that inspire participants and encourage a more consciously civil society.”

Conflict and disputes are a natural part of our lives.  They happen because there are differences between us; our background, experiences and communications styles to name only a few.

DRS associates are Kansas Supreme Court approved mediators with a history of successfully negotiating hundreds of agreements in both private and court referred cases.  We are mediators not attorneys; trained to resolve conflict.

The various forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) that DRS provides are widely accepted and highly-effective processes for resolving many types of conflict and disputes.  Although independent providers do exist they can be difficult to connect with unless you are court ordered into the process.
Better for Everyone

We use non-adversarial methods for resolving matters quickly, confidentially and without the financial and emotional cost of legal action.

Constructive communications and the latitude to be creative when developing solutions allow for compassion and understanding by the parties – rather than insuring continued animosities and resentments that result in the “winner-take-all” environment of court.

With mediation, the parties involved remain in complete control of the outcome of the settlement or agreement.  While the mediator facilitates the discussion and helps the parties arrive at a solution, he or she doesn’t “take sides,” and assists in the negotiations only as much as the parties allow.

DRS helps people resolve issues in ways courts can not.  Our methods can save relationships - and inject into society some desperately needed civility.

To learn why DRS should be your first choice to resolve most conflict and disputes, see Why Choose DRS First.

If you are interested in gaining insight into the historical applications and societal usefulness of the services DRS provides, see Organizational Health and History of ADR.


Annual report on the Courts of Kansas for fiscal year ending June 30, 2014:
 400,970 new cases were filed in Kansas courts:
118 Supreme Court
 1,812 Court of Appeals
399,040 District Court

Sedgwick County Divorces:  5,246

 Dispute Resolution Services offers programs which provide services and training opportunites to organizations and their employees.