Conflict Resolution Through Mediation in Kansas

DRS associates are Kansas Supreme Court approved mediators with a history of successfully negotiating hundreds of agreements in both private and court referred cases. We are mediators not attorneys; trained to help both individuals and organizations resolve problems resulting from conflict or a dispute before relationships are irreversibly damaged, or a threat of legal action is pursued. Our objective is straightforward:

“To offer an alternative choice for resolving conflict and disputes in order to affect their peaceful, efficient and enduring resolution; and to provide learning programs that inspire participants and encourage a more consciously civil society.”

Mediation and Settlement Services

Training Seminars

Essential Knowledge Learning Series

Conflict and disputes are a natural part of our lives. Seminars illustrate where we have gone wrong in our understanding of the “organization.” Read more

Self as Mediator

The most cost-effective way to empower your employees to handle the challenges of today’s intensely interdependent workplace. Read more

Managerial Mediation

Downsizing, flatter hierarchies, teams, quality, and multiple responsibilities are intensifying the interdependency between employees. Read more

Conscious Civility

Our understanding of the “organization” in our vocations, marriage, and the family have gone awry. How change can be effected? Read more

Conscious Creation

This course is a scientific system for determining – then creating – exactly what you want. Read more

What our clients say

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