Course Registration

Cost: $250 per person,
1 day (8 Hour) course


Hilton Garden Inn
2041 North Bradley Fair Parkway
Wichita, Kansas 67206

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Course Outline

(Learning Seminar)

Raising Consciousness Beyond Ourselves

Civility means conduct far more serious than a want of politeness and good manners.  Whenever there is a relationship between two or more people an organization of some sort is involved.  This includes individuals in relationships such as marriage and family, but also larger organizations such as groups, businesses and communities.

Learning Objectives

This course illustrates dramatic scenarios that demonstrate where we have gone wrong in the understanding of the organization and how change can be effected.  It offers a step-by-step approach to restore our organizations and ourselves to health.

It provides explicit concepts with explicit components that desperately need to become part of our consciousness.  This course may be the brightest prospect for both our personal and societal well-being, and has been described as a guide to a deeper and richer understanding of our lives.

Who Should Attend

There are many aspects of this training which virtually no one has given conscious consideration – therefore, everyone should attend.  There is a kind of Swiss cheese mentality out there – a hole in our minds if you will.  Even people who seem to function perfectly in their professional lives don’t regularly reconginze that every organization of which they are a part functions as a “system” much the same way.

Extensive studies have shown that for us to improve our behavior – to be more civil – every human being must learn to consciously recognize the “other” and regularly be reminded of their own moral compass – and learn how the differences between conscious and unconscious behavior affects them personally and the larger organizations of which they are a part.

A healthy organization – whether a marriage, a family, or a business corporation – is not one with an absence of problems, but one that is actively and effectively addressing or healing its problems.