(People, Families, Business and Communities)

As a society, we should want to see all conflict and disputes resolved quickly and in a civil manner because we are all connected as part of an “organization” of one kind or another. This benefits our collective health.

Whenever there is a relationship between two or more people an organization of some sort is involved. This includes individuals in relationships such as marriage and family, but also larger organizations such as groups, businesses and communities.

We study in schools, earn a living in businesses and likely worship at some point within an organization. And when we die, there will be an organization to usher us out.

The Process of Health

Physicians have come to believe that health is not so much the absence of disease as it is the presence of an optimal healing process. This applies not only to our physical health but also to our emotional health and to the health of our organizations and institutions.

A healthy organization – whether a marriage, a family, or a business corporation – is not one with an absence of problems, but one that is actively and effectively addressing or healing its problems.

The similarity between the words “organism” and “organization” is no accident. Any organized system, whether an individual or a group, is an organism. Schools, churches, businesses, government agencies, and entire nations are organisms as well, and each may also be healthy or diseased.

In these structures, the vital signs of organizational health are (1) the average estimated financial cost of conflict, and (2) the relative prevalence of the four conflict management strategies (Coercion, Collaboration, Evasion, and Detachment) that are imbedded in the organization’s culture. (See Essential Knowledge Learning Series)

Health is an ongoing process, sometimes painful, of an organism becoming the most—the best—it can be. And disease is anything—sometimes painful, often painless—that interferes with the process of health.

The man or woman who will not face certain obvious issues is not using his or her whole mind. A corporation that is blind to its problems cannot be healthy.

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