“I worked with DRS mediator Mike Gannon on two different occasions.  The first time he was assigned to my case by the court – the second time we requested him.  The thing that pleased me about Mike is that his motivation was about my son’s well-being, he was not just a “case” to him.  Even after an agreement he was still interested in how he was doing in aspects of grades, athletics, friends and attitudes.  He has a great ability to read people and he understands how to dissolve issues of contention.  I would definitely request Mike if I have need for a mediator again.”
– Annette H., Goddard, KS

“After a visit to a local emergency room we received a bill from the hospital for more than $20,000.00 (much of which would not have been covered by insurance).  The hospital told us the charges were as they were and that we needed to pay.  Something didn’t seem right…  Within a few weeks after contacting DRS we received another statement from the hospital, but this time the balance due after insurance was $0.00!  We really appreciated the help.”

- Jamie D., Wichita, KS

“When my husband and I had decided to get divorced I learn that a mediator could make the process much easier for us.  We met with him prior to filing with the court and with his help we developed a plan that was agreed upon and workable.  This resulted in an uncontested divorce and eliminated all of the fighting in court so many people I know have experienced, and minimized the need for lawyers.”

- Cara W., Andover, KS

“My 17-year old son was ordered to pay a total of $40,000.00 in restitution to five different companies.  The mediator assigned to his case had us meet with each company separately.  Ultimately, negotiated agreements resulted in him owing only $1,500.00 and several hours of community service.  Needless to say, we are grateful for his efforts.” 
- Brian M., Derby, KS

“Mr. Gannon was ordered to serve as arbitrator to reconcile the shared expenses agreed to by my ex-husband and me at the time of our divorce.  He was able to sift through years of expenses and do what we could not – “fairly” resolve the dispute – and determine to the penny what I was owed.”
– Andrea L., Wichita, KS

“From day one, Mike’s focus was on the best interest of my son.  If we need help again, it’s awesome to know that we can return to him and not have to start over with someone new.  The mediation experience with Mr. Gannon was the best thing to come out of the entire court process.”

- DeOres J., Wichita, KS

“Shortly after our divorce, my ex-wife successfully created a division between myself and our three children.  We had been ordered by the court to therapy but she never gave up her attempt to alienate me despite the family counseling.  I learned about Mr. Gannon from a member of my church so I contacted him looking for help.  He met with me to discuss the issues and he subsequently made contact with my ex and managed to get her to agree to meet in an attempt to resolve the conflict – which was a big surprise.  Although she ultimately reneged on that commitment, Mike gave me the advice and encouragement I needed to continue my effort to have a relationship with my kids, and now, we are back in family therapy and working on the problems.”

- Kevin S.,  El Dorado, KS