DRS is More Than an Alternative

  • Fast resolution to your problem
  • Confidentiality
  • Much less financial and emotional cost
  • Processes that develop agreement—and save relationships

At Dispute Resolution Services (DRS), solutions are developed by the parties with the help of a mediator – who will skillfully affect communications, create a cooperative spirit and a civil environment. This, much more often than not, results in an agreement or arrangement that both parties help to develop and can accept.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), are widely accepted processes, of various practices, that provide the best opportunity for a “win-win” resolution to conflict and disputes. Issues can be addressed quickly – the discussions are usually confidential – agreement between the parties is normally achieved – and for a fraction the cost of litigation.


Two common methods for dealing with conflict and disputes are “self-help” or “litigation” (court). Both approaches are typically adversarial in nature – and neither method has a good reputation for ending well for all.

Self-help, whether it’s dealing with conflict or a dispute, all too often escalates the situation or circumstance. Sometimes to the point where animosities are created that are lasting or, even worse, it can become violent.

Fighting in court is very unappealing to almost everyone; for many reasons. Although this process is conducted in a clean, quiet courtroom that’s designed to project an image of civility and fairness, too often it is neither.

Avoid Going to Court If Possible

Legal processes are usually slow, emotionally exhausting and the expense of hiring an attorney can be astronomical. And with that, there’s no guarantee… The courtroom has been described, even by judges, as Vegas. Even though, it is from these same courtrooms we depend, when everything else fails, to make things right.

The courts are always an option – but should be the last option.

Since DRS can provide you with an alternative process, a more civil process, that has a long history of success, ask yourself…

“Why shouldn’t I give DRS a chance to resolve my problem before engaging in confrontation or, the expensive, time consuming, emotionally charged, adversarial and usually winner-take-all environment of court…?”