Collectively, the associates at DRS have worked hundreds of landlord/tenant disputes.  Many landlords, even those with years of experience leasing property, make mistakes that are detrimental to their position should a dispute with a tenant occur.

We can help lessees’ and lessors’ to avoid conflict before it happens.  Both parties need to have a clear and full understanding of their obligations and responsibilities, as-well-as their rights and privileges.

Additionally, farmers and other land-owners are sometimes confronted with issues concerning easement to their property, lease contract matters with oil and gas producers and other contractors.

The ADR methods of mediation and conciliation are often used to resolve these matters.  Mediation when the parties come together to address the issues; conciliation when the parties prefer to negotiate a resolution separately.

What our clients say

Samples of the many positive results we’ve contributed to

...The thing that pleased me about Mike is that his motivation was about my son’s well-being, he was not just a “case” to him... Annette H., Goddard, KS
...Within a few weeks after contacting DRS we received another statement from the hospital, but this time the balance due after insurance was $0.00! We really appreciated the help. Jamie D., Wichita, KS
...This resulted in an uncontested divorce and eliminated all of the fighting in court so many people I know have experienced, and minimized the need for lawyers. Cara W., Andover, KS
...Ultimately, negotiated agreements resulted in him owing only $1,500.00 and several hours of community service. Needless to say, we are grateful for his efforts. Brian M., Derby, KS

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