Seminar Registration

Cost: $250 per person,
1 day (8 hour) seminar,
includes modules 1 & 2


Hilton Garden Inn
2041 North Bradley Fair Parkway
Wichita, Kansas 67206

*Subject to change. For additional venue dates, open-enrollment, or to discuss in-house training opportunities contact DRS


Seminar Outline

Seminar Materials

Ohh, so close!

We noticed you chose not to register—we’re good with that—and we ask a simple request; consider the following.

Self As Mediator is not a ground-breaking, patented gel cap that’ll change perceptions with a single gulp. Nor is it a get rich quick program to end financial drought with an infinite tide of greenbacks.

That being said, the material presented is transforming! Imagine; keeping your cool and resolving differences when confronted with conflict, creating thriving relationships by developing alternative perspectives.

It’s not just a seminar, it’s an opportunity. This training will change your life and the lives of those you connect with. You could say it’ll shape the world we know, and it’s yours for the taking. Don’t miss out – sign up today!